The Saori Way


“Finally, a moment of inspiration caused me to think that the spirit of weaving was found in the practice of breaking away from conventional ways of thinking and living a life faithful to your true self.”


Misao Jo, SAORI Self-discovery through Free Weaving

“I won’t imitate machines. I am going to do what machines are not able to do. I will do what only human beings are able to do. Once I got this idea I started to have so much fun with weaving."

“I got an inspiration…why don’t I make flaws on purpose?…Then I started to make many flaws when I was weaving…"

“...being free from restrictions opened my eyes to a new vision of the world.  Indeed, SAORI Weaving has the power to change our interpersonal relationships and even our views of life.”

"In their SAORI work, the weavers' personal histories are woven and their individualities or their ways to live emerge…”

"The spirit of weaving existed in the spirit of living a life freely and faithfully to your true self, apart from conventional ways.”

Misao Jo, SAORI Self-discovery through Free Weaving


Saori weaving was developed by Misao Jo in Osaka, Japan in 1967. Misao Jo began to weave in her fifties, and today remains an inspiration to Saori weavers worldwide.

The name Saori comes from the joining of two Japanese words.


The “SA” in Saori has the same meaning as the word “SAI”, a Zen term that means everything has its own individual dignity. The word “ORI” means weaving.


4 Slogans of Saori

Consider the differences between a machine and a human being

Be bold and adventurous

Look out through eyes that shine

Inspire one another, and everyone in the group