1:30PM - 3:30PM

1:30PM - 3:30PM

Saori weaving classes are open!


Check Out Saori

2-hour introductory class. Try out SAORI weaving, the looms and equipment, and the SAORI way. Looms are set up and ready for you to use and beautiful yarns and materials are available. Take your weaving home with you.

$30 plus materials


Keep On Weaving

Six 2-hour classes. Continue to explore SAORI weaving, learn additional weaving techniques, create your own project and immerse yourself in joyful freestyle weaving.

$180 plus materials


Even More Saori Weaving

Six 2-hour classes. Become familiar with winding your own warp and setting up your SAORI loom, work on your own projects, consider creating clothing and bags from your SAORI cloth.

$180 plus materials


Come and Weave Together

Additional studio time available: Contact me

Demonstrations, Workshops, Community Activities
My looms and I can come to your local group or event. Contact me for more information.