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Saori WX60 - Wood frame foldable loom

Price $1668.00

Developed by Kenzo Jo, the new WX60 loom is an upgraded model of the SAORI SX60 loom.

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Saori SX60 - Foldable Model

Price $1628.00

The SAORI SX60, with a colour-coordinated wood and metal tubing construction, is foldable for transport and storage.

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Saori SX60H - Foldable Model with Longer Metal Tubing

Price $1658.00

SX60H loom has a longer metal tubing, which makes the position of the breast beam 74cm (about 29 inches) away from the floor.

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Saori CH60 Classic Model

Price $1798.00

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Saori 60A-2 - Accessible Model

Price $1876.00

SAORI 60A-2 has all the features of the SAORI 60 and is wheelchair accessible and height-adjustable.

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Saori Piccolo40 — Foldable Model

Price $1168.00

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